Join a first aid group

Teemu Ullgrén
Image: Teemu Ullgrén

Each year, first aid volunteers are on duty at hundreds of events around Finland. Come join our first aid volunteers! There are groups in nearly every town and municipality.

First aid groups meet regularly to learn and practise first aid skills. You can also learn to use radiophones, orienteer, lead a group and train people – whatever interests you most.

The training provided in a first aid group is free of charge and requires no pre-existing skills. In a group, you will be directed to courses on the basis of your needs and interests.

How can I take part in first aid attendance?

You can take part in first aid attendance if you are of legal age, practise regularly in a first aid group and possess a valid first aid attendance card. You receive a first aid attendance card after completing an attendance service course, and its validity requires passing an annual first aid test.

Some members of first aid groups also participate in alerts as a part of the Voluntary Rescue Service. The authorities call in alert group volunteers to help in accidents, searches, evacuations and demanding special circumstances.

There are first aid groups in hundreds of towns and municipalities around Finland. The easiest way to find the group nearest to you is to contact our district office personnel in charge of first aid group activities.

You can also contact your local branch to find out more about the group activities.

District offices and branches know best where and when first aid groups meet. In addition, they can provide you with information on the start date of the next first aid course.

District office contact information