Dozens of Red Cross crisis psychologists continue to help at the Jokela school

The Finnish Red Cross continues its efforts in Jokela. The Red Cross stand-by team of psychologists provides support for students and teachers at the Jokela School Centre to help them carry on with their daily lives.

The Red Cross stand-by team of psychologists continues to provide support for students, parents, teachers and other staff shocked by the school shooting at the Jokela School Centre on 7 November.

Several meetings have been organised to allow the people of Jokela to discuss their reactions to what happened with professional psychologists.

The Red Cross kept its psychological support hotline open around the clock from 2 p.m. on Wednesday 7 November until 10 p.m. on Friday 9 November, during which time it received more than 500 calls.

All the Finnish Red Cross psychological support programmes receive funding from the Disaster Relief Fund.

The Disaster Relief Fund account numbers are: Nordea 221918-68000; Sampo 800019-225005; Okopankki 578007-111649; Aktia 405511-11397; Suupohjan Osuuspankki 473047-230189; and Handelsbanken 313130-1199025.

Telephone donations: 0600 12220 (EUR 19.95 + local network charge) and 0600 12210 (EUR 9.85 + local network charge).

Finnish fundraising permission issued by the State Provincial Office of Southern Finland, permission code OKU 1816A; issued 12 December 2006. Fundraising period 1.1.07–31.12.07 in all of Finland except the Åland Islands. Fundraising permission for the Åland Islands issued by the Åland Government, permission code 269 K14; issued 21 December 2006. For humanitarian aid work.

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