Volunteers from the Finnish Red Cross and voluntary rescue service helped victims of the Jyväskylä fire

Marko Tervo
The volunteers received praise from the authorities for their work.
Image: Marko Tervo
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Many authorities and volunteers were called to the retirement home fire that started in Palokka in Jyväskylä in the night of 10 and 11 July.

Red Cross and voluntary rescue service volunteers helped evacuate the building, and maintained the evacuation centre and provided first aid and emotional support.

Over the weekend, those evacuated from the building were provided with clothing, food and sanitary products thanks to the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

The Red Cross national preparedness group of psychologists is also at hand to provide assistance.

Approximately 50 volunteers participated in the effort in which 168 people were evacuated from the building. There were no extensive personal injuries.

“The first volunteers jumped to action immediately when they saw that the situation was bad,” says Director of National Programmes and Organisational Development Jooel Niittynen from the West Finland district of the Red Cross.

Cooperation with the authorities was seamless.

“I told the volunteers that all the practice we have had has now come to good use. It’s evident in how we work together and how everyone is ready to spring to action,” Niittynen adds.

The Jyväskylä branch of the Red Cross will not be initiating a collection for items to prevent amassing too many surplus things, but if you want to donate furniture to those who have lost their home, for example, you may inquire directly with the Jyväskylä branch by e-mail at jyvaskyla@punainenristi.fi.

The aid work will continue in Jyväskylä with emotional support offered to the victims of the fire and the continued provision of material help.

You can help victims of the fire by donating to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.