The face-to-face fundraisers of the Red Cross are back on the streets

Kimmo Holopainen
This photo is from 2016. This year, the fundraisers use masks and protective visors when working.
Image: Kimmo Holopainen

Face-to-face fundraising continues. The work is done with safety as the top priority.

We cancelled our face-to-face fundraising activities in March 2020 due to the coronavirus situation. Now, the activities are back to normal.

Face-to-face fundraising is the most significant fundraising method for the Finnish Red Cross. The majority of our monthly donors have joined us via face-to-face fundraisers.

We have prepared safety instructions for our fundraisers to ensure both their own safety and that of the people they encounter on the street. For example, the fundraisers do not approach people who seem to belong to a risk group in terms of the coronavirus. They also pay special attention to hygiene.

The monthly donors brought by face-to-face fundraisers allow us to work globally to assist people in need, both in Finland and abroad. In Finland, our work includes helping lonely people via our friend visitor activities and distributing food aid to those in need. Internationally, we are working against the coronavirus in many African countries, such as Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as among the refugees in Greece and Turkey.

The Finnish Red Cross also collaborates closely with other Finnish organisations that practice face-to-face fundraising. The organisations have worked together to prepare guidelines for safe fundraising.

Face-to-face fundraising is a year-round activity. The Finnish Red Cross has 50–60 face-to-face fundraisers working throughout Finland. The number varies slightly by season. In July, the activities started with 40 fundraisers in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Oulu.