Huhtamaki joins forces with the International Red Cross to provide COVID-19 emergency relief

Volunteers of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society are spreading information about the coronavirus, promoting handwashing and delivering food aid to people suffering from the pandemic. Bangladesh is one of the countries that will be helped by Huhtamaki's donation.
Image: IFRC

Huhtamaki, a key global player in sustainable food-on-the-go and food-on-the-shelf packaging solutions, has announced a donation of EUR 0.5 million in support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ (IFRC) COVID-19 appeal. The funds will be channeled via Finnish Red Cross to go towards boosting emergency relief efforts and improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable in Bangladesh, India, Serbia and Slovenia.

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted people's health, safety and livelihoods in ways that were unimaginable only a couple of months ago. Huhtamaki plays an essential role in ensuring food safety and availability and reducing food waste, as acknowledged by governments internationally.

“This contribution is only one part of our support towards alleviating the impact of the pandemic globally. We have partnered with the International Red Cross, a leading global organization, to do our share in helping tackle the humanitarian aspect of the COVID-19 crisis. This emergency affects us all, regardless of where we are around the world, and together we can make a difference where it is most needed,” says Charles Héaulmé, President and CEO of Huhtamaki. 

Many companies and other entities have begun supporting the Finnish Red Cross’s work against the coronavirus domestically and internationally.

“It is important for the business world to do its part in helping the fight against COVID-19. Huhtamaki’s donation will go a long way in enabling us to address the health and safety of people in Europe and Asia as these situations evolve,” says Tiina Saarikoski, acting Director of Finnish Red Cross International Operations and Programmes.

You can support the efforts of the Red Cross by making a donation to the FRC’s Disaster Relief Fund.