Keep yourself informed and take care of others during the coronavirus pandemic

Finnish Red Cross
Image: Finnish Red Cross
Take care of yourself and others

What you can do to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Red Cross has been monitoring the coronavirus situation and its development in Finland and abroad since the outbreak began. Our operations hinge on promoting the well-being of people and helping and taking those in need into consideration.

In the current situation, it is important to take care of our loved ones and support each other. If you are unable to have face-to-face meetings, you can keep in contact with your friends and family by sending messages or calling. This will reduce feelings of isolation, frustration and hopelessness.

The Red Cross is ready to help and support people who are feeling concerned about the coronavirus. According to crisis psychologist and psychotherapist Ferdinand Garoff, this exceptional situation may cause anxiety and confusion. Garoff is part of the Finnish Red Cross preparedness group of psychologists.

“Having the correct information during an uncertain situation is important, but constantly watching news and monitoring social media may put a strain on you and raise your stress levels, even without you noticing. This means that you should limit your exposure to news and social media to a few times a day and avoid these before going to sleep, as well,” Garoff advises.

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Keep up your routines and normal circadian rhythm

Daily routines and maintaining them will help you cope with uncertainty.

“A normal circadian rhythm lends a sense of regularity and predictability to your day to day. Eat sufficiently and exercise where possible. Physical exercise will help your body stay in shape and alleviate stress. Different things to do will also allow you to take your mind off concerning issues.

Coronavirus news updates bombard people from many sources, and the virus is the most prominent piece of news day after day. For the sake of your own well-being, you should select a few reliable channels to monitor, because a lot of incorrect information is also being spread about the coronavirus.

Maintain good hygiene

The Red Cross encourages you to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly and to monitor instructions concerning the coronavirus issued by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

As a preparedness organisation we are always prepared

As a national organisation supporting the authorities, the Red Cross plays a special role in preparedness and readiness. We want to do our part in slowing down the spreading of this infectious disease and protecting high-risk groups.

Please contact the national helpline for more information on the coronavirus by calling +358 (0)2 95 535 535. Open weekdays 8 am–9 pm and Saturdays 9 am–3 pm. The helpline will not provide medical advice or guidance in the event of acute symptoms.