The Red Cross helps those suffering from the Syrian conflict

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The humanitarian situation in north and northeast Syria is extremely serious and worsening by the day as a result of the military actions taken by Turkey. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent provide the people suffering from the conflict with emergency aid and promote the availability of clean water and health care services.

The International Committee of the Red Cross estimates that the military actions impact the lives of roughly 300,000 people in north and northeast Syria. According to the UN, as many as 160,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the area over the past few days.

Since the start of Turkey’s military actions, the Red Cross has distributed food, blankets, mattresses and water to over 2,500 people staying in emergency accommodation in the city of Hassakeh.

At present, hundreds of people who have fled their homes arrive in Hassakeh every day. Most of them are women and children.

The conflict hinders aid work. The International Red Cross reminds people that the capability of humanitarian organisations to provide aid must be safeguarded and all parties to the conflict must comply with international humanitarian law.

Long-term aid is needed in Syria

The Syrian conflict has now continued for eight years. According to the Red Cross, 11.7 million people require humanitarian aid in Syria.

Half of the country’s health care centres and hospitals are only partly operational. More than two million children are unable to attend school. 

In northeast Syria, more than 100,000 people are living in camps. The largest of them is the al-Hol camp, with almost 70,000 people. Two out of three of them are children.

The hospital of the International Red Cross at the al-Hol camp has so far recorded more than 4,600 visits by patients. The Finnish Red Cross supports the hospital with aid workers and supplies. 

The Finnish Red Cross has been helping Syrians in many ways during the extended conflict. For example, the Finnish Red Cross currently supports health care work, physiotherapy, training and rehabilitation related to mines as well as the strengthening of the preparedness of the Syrian Red Cross through the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Red Cross.

Additionally, the Disaster Relief Fund was used to provide support to the victims of the floods that ravaged northeast Syria last spring. Families are supported by providing them with food, water, sanitary products and health care aid, among other things.

The Finnish Red Cross provides aid in Syria with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and donors.