The Red Cross helps and advises festival visitors

Benjamin Suomela
First aid volunteers Peetu Karro and Aku Heinonen making their rounds in the 2018 Ruisrock.
Image: Benjamin Suomela
Become a festival volunteer!
  • As a volunteer, you can enjoy the festival atmosphere while doing valuable work.
  • The festival work of the Red Cross includes three forms of action: first aid, substance abuse work and sexual health work.

Red Cross volunteers will be on duty at this summer’s festivals yet again.

In the middle of all the lively partying, some small accidents may occur. Dehydration and sunstroke keep festival volunteers busy year after year, but sprained ankles and scratches are also common.
In these cases, the Red Cross first aid groups can provide quick and safe first aid on site. In the event of a bigger accident, the volunteers will call in professional help.
The Finnish Red Cross will be at festivals including YleXPop, Nummirock, Saaristo Open and Ilosaarirock, among others. First aid volunteers will also patrol the streets of large cities during the festivities at the end of the school year.

Substance abuse work and sobering stations

In addition to first aid, the volunteers do sexual health and substance abuse work in the festival areas.
The goal of the substance abuse work is to reduce experimentations with drugs and the harm caused by substances. The volunteers may give tips for safe partying, support in unwanted conditions or information about support services.
In case a friend or a stranger becomes too intoxicated, the Red Cross has sobering stations at several festivals. At the sobering station, the partygoer has a safe place to sober up and recuperate.

Relaxed sexual health guidance

During the festivals, you can also brush up on the rules of safe sex without blushing. The Red Cross sexual health volunteers distribute Kesäkumi condoms and discuss protection, sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex.
Everyone willing can also take the condom skills test at the sexual health kiosks managed by the Red Cross, YleX, the Family Federation of Finland, Sotilaskotiliitto and the Cancer Society of Finland. The skills test includes both theory and practice. In the theory section, you need to answer questions related to e.g. sexually transmitted diseases. In the practical section, you need to put a condom on a fake penis.