The Finnish Red Cross to send a hospital to Mozambique together with the Canadian Red Cross

Denis Onyodi / Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Image: Denis Onyodi / Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
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Rahankeräyslupa: POL-2015-8798, myönnetty 30.11.2015 

The Finnish Red Cross is going to work together with the Canadian Red Cross to establish a hospital in the disaster area left behind by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. The hospital is going to be equipped to handle births and treat infectious diseases, for example.

A freight plane carrying a total of approximately 29 tonnes of supplies is going to be leaving Finland for Mozambique this week. The cargo will include a telecommunications unit and part of a field hospital.
The supplies are currently being packaged in the Finnish Red Cross Logistics Centre in Kalkku, and they are scheduled to arrive in Mozambique towards the end of the week.  
This week, two aid workers from the Finnish Red Cross are also travelling to Mozambique to facilitate the establishment of the hospital and the start of the operation. More hospital staff is being currently recruited. 
“We do not yet know where exactly the hospital is going to be located in Mozambique, or whether it is going to be an independent field hospital or part of a local hospital. The specific need is currently being determined together with the Ministry of Health in Mozambique,” says Tiina Saarikoski, head of international disaster aid at the Finnish Red Cross.
The hospital will be used for births and treating pregnant mothers and newborns as well as surgical procedures. Mental support is also an important part of the hospital’s services. 
“We are also making preparations for epidemics, such as cholera,“ Saarikoski says.
In addition to hospital staff, there are currently three Finnish aid workers operating in Mozambique. 
The Finnish Red Cross has donated EUR 200,000 from its Disaster Relief Fund to aid victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Thus far, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has allocated EUR 300,000 to support the aid operation. 
The damage caused by Cyclone Idai is immense, and aid work is only just starting. The Finnish Red Cross has started an emergency collection. You can help by donating to the Disaster Relief Fund:
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  • By making a donation to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund account FI52 5000 0120 4156 73, please use the reference number 5186.

Fundraising permit: POL-2015-8798, granted on 30 November 2015