The Finnish Red Cross challenges everyone to treat each other equally

This year, the national week against racism will be held from 18 to 24 March.
Image: FRC

The Finnish Red Cross wants to contribute to everyone having an equal opportunity to be a part of Finnish society. Everyone should be able to operate as an individual or as a member of different communities without being discriminated against. Equality means treating everyone equally.

This year, the national week against racism coordinated by the Finnish Red Cross will be held from 18 to 24 March. During the week, the Finnish Red Cross will be giving out awards to communities, companies and individual people who act to reduce prejudice and promote equality.

“We wish to remind different communities, such as workplaces, municipalities and policy-makers, to treat everyone equally. Non-discriminatory choices and actions improve everyone’s quality of life,” says the Finnish Red Cross’s Expert on Anti-racism Activities Janette Grönfors.

According to the ordinance and decrees of the Red Cross, the basic mission of the organisation is to assist those who are in the weakest position and are the most vulnerable, and to defend human dignity and human rights. Racist behaviour is a form of discrimination, in which people are placed in different positions according to their background or presumed qualities. The Red Cross speaks out for and promotes a diverse and equal society where everyone has the same opportunities to act and to influence society.