The Red Cross in 2018

Juha Hankkila
Large-scale power outages in the beginning of January demonstrated the strength of the Red Cross volunteers’ aid in Kainuu. The situation was worst in Suomussalmi and Hyrynsalmi.
Image: Juha Hankkila

In 2018, we worked hard to help people in Finland and abroad. The following images are excerpts of what we have achieved together. We wish to thank all our volunteers, employees, supporters, partners and friends of the Finnish Red Cross!

One of the core tasks of the Red Cross is domestic disaster preparedness, which we develop and for which we train throughout the year. Image: Joonas Brandt


Racist views are in stark contrast with the principles of the Red Cross, which emphasise humanity and equality. The week against racism is organised in March. Image: Laura Honkimäki 


Friend visitor activities of the Red Cross reached more than 30,000 people in Finland. Anyone can be lonely, but luckily, anyone can also help. Image: Joonas Brandt


We sent help, such as health care and medical supplies, to victims of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Image: EPA


Preventive substance abuse work, first aid and HIV and sexual health care volunteers were on call at thousands of events throughout Finland. Image: Benjamin Suomela


The first aid Finnish championships were held in sunny Turku. Image: Ari Räsänen


A field hospital managed by the Finnish Red Cross treated tens of thousands of patients in Bangladesh. Image: Saara Mansikkamäki


The aid work was supported by the Hunger Day collection and the Disaster Relief Fund. Thousands of volunteers and donators made the campaign, which was once again filled with the joy of helping. Image: Laura Vesa


Red Cross aid workers picked up and left to help in the middle of the Hunger Day campaign, as the ground shook in Indonesia and a tsunami left behind a trail of destruction. Image: Benjamin Suomela


The Good Holiday Spirit collection provided food vouchers to 28,000 impoverished families with children. Image: Katja Lösönen
Red Cross Emergency youth shelters helped young people and families in difficult situations. Emergency youth shelters also initiated the new Kotipolku project, which aims at preventing problems like homelessness among young people. Image: Joonas Brandt
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