Hunger Day started at a good pace all over Finland

Mari Vehkalahti / Finnish Red Cross
Maria Santto / Finnish Red Cross
Mari Vehkalahti / Finnish Red Cross

The Red Cross’ Hunger Day collection has been launched in high spirits all around Finland. The box collection will go on until Saturday.

On Hunger Day, funds are collected for helping victims of war and disasters. At the moment, help is needed particularly in Yemen, which is suffering from conflicts and drought.

Pertti Torstila, the President of the Finnish Red Cross, was among the first box collectors at Three Smiths Square in Helsinki.

– I dream of a day when humanitarian help would not be needed anywhere. However, right now the situation is exactly the opposite; help is needed badly around the world, Torstila says.

In Yemen, there are over 20 million people who need help. Up to 569,000 people have been infected with cholera due to contaminated water and insufficient hygiene.

– Yemen is in the midst of a long-standing humanitarian crisis, and the situation is only getting worse. Even though the crisis cannot be seen in our day-to-day news feeds, people are in distress, and help is needed, Torstila notes.

President Torstila sends out his thanks to all of the volunteer box collectors and donors on Hunger Day.

– The world can only become a better place if we all work together. We’re all needed on Hunger Day.

Happy reactions at Helsinki Central Railway Station

Laura Koskinen, who volunteered as a box collector, chose a busy location in front of the station first thing in the morning. On recognising the Red Cross vest and collection box, many busy commuters stopped to donate.

– The start of the collection has been great. People are happy to help and participate, Koskinen says happily.

She is volunteering as a Hunger Day box collector for the second time. She intends to volunteer for an hour before starting work on Thursday and Friday.

– Why not come? This is such an easy way to help. The box getting tangibly heavier every minute feels good. I know the aid will go where it’s needed.

Finland’s largest box collection invites everyone to participate

The Hunger Day collection is organised in almost every town in Finland. Anyone can volunteer as a box collector, as no prior experience is required. Everyone can volunteer according to their own schedule; even a half-hour can make a difference. In Finland’s largest cities, volunteering is possible without registering in advance. To find the box distribution point closest to you, please see

On Hunger Day, you can donate:

  • By texting the word ’SPR’ to the number 16499 (€15 per text message)
  • Online at
  • By calling the number 0600 12220 (€20.12 + local network charge)
  • Through MobilePay and Pivo to the number 1001
  • With a bank transfer to the account FI06 2219 1800 0680 00, reference number 5173