Over thousand people have received help from the emotional support volunteers of the Red Cross in Turku

Sirpa Lehtimäki / Finnish Red Cross
Sirpa Lehtimäki / Finnish Red Cross
How to offer emotional support
  • Listen to others, be there for them.
  • Help keep everyday routines going. But do not do everything solely for others.
  • Remember to eat, sleep and exercise.
  • Do not fill the space with your experiences, when offering support to others.
  • More comprehensive instructions for emotional support

Since the knife attack that took place in Turku, the Red Cross emotional support volunteers have talked with around thousand people near Turku Market Square and in crisis services. Support is still available.

About 100 Red Cross emotional support volunteers have participated in the work so far. Volunteers are still patrolling Turku Market Square in groups of four to eight people.

Phone-based emergency services are also continuing in cooperation with Turku Social Emergency Services. The phone discussions with the phone emergency services have been long, 40 minutes on average.

– The need for support has been great. What happened shocked a large amount of people. Many of the witnesses felt that their lives were in danger, says psychologist Salli Saari, manager of the Red Cross psychologists’ emergency group.

– The important thing now is to try to go back to everyday routines and accept your own emotional reactions. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, Saari continues.

Psychologists’ emergency group offers support to victims and their loved ones

In Turku, 16 psychologists from the Red Cross emergency group have been working together with the authorities. They have offered support to the victims, their loved ones, witnesses, reception centres and volunteers.

The psychologists will continue their work next week.

Many young people have strong reactions

Red Cross emergency youth shelters launched an online crisis chat on Saturday 19 August and Tuesday 22 August, where young people could participate in both group and one-to-one support discussions. Many young people had a strong reaction to the incident on Friday and needed support with processing their thoughts.

The thoughts brought up by the stabbing were also discussed at the Turku emergency youth shelter. The shelter is open 24 hrs a day on weekdays and during evenings and nights at weekends.

The Red Cross supports the authorities

After the knife attacks on Friday, the City of Turku worked together with the Red Cross and Turku University Hospital to organise crisis emergency services. A crisis centre for people requiring immediate crisis support was established in connection with the Turku region’s centralised emergency services. An on-call crisis group took calls all day.

If you feel like you require crisis or discussion support, please contact the on-call crisis group of the City of Turku, tel. +358 (0)2 262 6003.