Clean Water for nearly 9000 people in Tajikistan

Niklas Meltio
Tadzhikistanin Punainen Puolikuu
Tadzhikistanin Punainen Puolikuu
Tadzhikistanin Punainen Puolikuu

Co-operation commenced a year ago between the Red Cross and Land Rover is producing results in the poorest country of Central Asia

The Finnish Red Cross and Land Rover started cooperating in Tajikistan in the spring of 2015 with the objective of bringing clean water to and creating healthier communities among 24 000 people. The project, implemented together with the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan, builds water pipes and raises communities’ awareness on health issues.

At the start of the project, under one percent of households in the mountainous Rasht valley received water pipes into their housing. Most of the people in the area got their water from unprotected springs or even from rivers and canals, only a fifth used water from public water taps.

Water pipes from mountains to villages

Now safe water has been directed from the mountains through water pipes to the villages already for 8800 people. Volunteers of the Red Crescent Society together with their communities carry an important role in the project. They for instance dug the water pipes into the ground together as a common community effort. The villages will also maintain the pipes through community contributions, in cooperation with local authorities.

Neighbouring villages are also interested in the project. Their inhabitants are planning to join the constructed pipes, which bring safe water already much closer than before. A further 600 people would thereby benefit from the pipes also indirectly.

Volunteers of the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan trained in the project share information in their communities about clean water, hygiene and health. They do this through regular household visits and by school lessons for pupils. The volunteers also mobilise communities for fund raising and for maintaining the water pipes.

The information spread by the volunteers reached last year nearly 6000 people in the mountain villages of the Rasht valley. The work continues; new water pipes are being built to further villages and trained volunteers continue awareness raising in their communities.

Vehicle and expert support

Land Rover has delivered adequate vehicle support for the project and cooperates with the Finnish Red Cross in Finland. A Finnish Red Cross aid-worker helped last year with the commencement of the project in Tajikistan. In addition the Finnish Red Cross provides the project with expertise, such as with regular health expert guidance.

Land Rover and Red Cross are engaged in an active global partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to improve the quality of life of 1 million people by 2018 and to strengthen communities by utilizing the organisations’ expertise, preparedness and outreach potential.

March 22nd marks the annual World Water Day. This year the theme of the global day is water and work. The international observance day is an opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired to tell others and take action to make a difference. The Finnish Red Cross calls attention to the importance of every-day actions; clean water and proper hygiene prevent diseases.