3 ways to help asylum seekers

Jussi Vierimaa
Jussi Vierimaa

How can you help the people living in the reception centres?

1) Signing up as a volunteer

Sign up as a volunteer online by choosing the following form of action: Asylun seeker support.

Volunteers act as friend visitors for the people living in the reception centres and organise homework clubs, language clubs, and hobbies. You can do everyday things with the asylum seekers and refugees, such as going to pick mushrooms or playing football. Read more about the multicultural activities of the Red Cross.

2) Donating clothes and other goods

We have received a great number of donations and we warmly thank all donors. At the moment, the needs of the asylum centres vary significantly. You can donate clothes and other goods to the Red Cross Kontti second-hand stores from where the asylum centres pick them up according to their needs. Donations that the reception centres do not need are sold in the Kontti stores. 

The profits from the Kontti stores are used for the domestic activities of the Finnish Red Cross, for the Disaster Relief Fund and for developing the Kontti stores. Find the Kontti store closest to you.

We will update the information should the needs of the reception centres change.

3) Donating to the Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund is utilised to support victims of disasters in Finland and abroad. The funds are used, among other things, on assisting refugees and asylum seekers locally in those countries from where they are fleeing and where the need for help is the greatest. These countries include Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, among others.

Some of the funds will be used to train the volunteers supporting the reception centres in Finland and to integrate the asylum seekers into Finnish society through friend visitor activities and language clubs, for example. The state pays the expenses of the actual reception. 

You can collect funds for the Disaster Relief Fund: donate or sign up as a monthly donor.

Follow the situation on social media

Choose your favourite social media channel and like the Finnish Red Cross on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Share messages and discuss the asylum seekers’ situation, and how anyone can help, with your friends.

Aid will be needed for a long time, so get information on the need for aid and the ways to help through the communication channels of the Red Cross.

Read more about reception and asylum seekers.