Red Cross volunteers help festival-goers

Jussi Tuokkola
First aid volunteer Mari Partanen was on call at the YleXPop concert in Oulu in May.
Image: Jussi Tuokkola
From a festival to a Hunger Day collection volunteer.
  • This summer, it is possible to sign up as a volunteer at some events. We are inviting volunteers to collect donations on the Hunger Day organised on 17–19 September. You may familiarise yourself with the Hunger Day collection and sign up as a volunteer in a Red Cross tent! 
  • Read more about the Hunger Day and sign up as a collection volunteer online right now!

First aid, preventive substance abuse work and HIV/AIDS work volunteers go around dozens of summer events to discuss issues and offer help.

Who can a person turn to at a festival when a minor incident happens or when he or she simply needs someone to talk to? A Red Cross volunteer, in at least dozens of different summer events again this summer. Volunteers go around festivals and other events, offering their help and listening to the party-goers.

First aid, preventive substance abuse work and HIV/AIDS work volunteers are on the move. All Red Cross volunteers are adults and have been trained for their tasks.

A sprained ankle or a blister from a shoe?

Red Cross first aid groups treat party-goers’ small wounds and injuries on site. In case of a greater emergency, the first aid volunteers will also seek professional help. In most events, there is a clearly marked first aid tent that serves all in need of first-aid.

First aid volunteers can be recognised from their red first aid vests and a go-getter attitude. During last year, the first aid volunteers of the Red Cross helped nearly 20,000 people.

Positive discussion about intoxicants

Preventive substance abuse work volunteers walk among party-goers and discuss with them. The purpose is not to moralise or judge others but to engage in a discussion with a positive atmosphere according to everyone’s personal needs. The volunteers in preventive substance abuse work encourage people to avoid recreational drug use and also help people to find appropriate help for those that require it. Volunteers in preventive substance abuse work can be recognised from their red vests with the Red Cross logo and the text “Päihdetyö”.

If a person is too embarrassed to ask from others...

You may run into Red Cross volunteers on HIV/sexual health who hand out condoms and, when necessary, answer questions and respond to worries related to sexually transmitted illnesses. There is no minimum or maximum age for the advice; the volunteers help everyone regardless of age.