Young people often lack sufficient first aid training

The Red Cross Week between 4 and 10 May focuses on practicing first aid skills.
You can participate in Red Cross volunteer activities

Everyone has the right to get help. A person might need help at home or in the street, and the need for help is almost always sudden. During the Red Cross Week between 4th and 10th of May, the Red Cross emphasises the first aid skills of young people, in particular.

First aid skills can and should be learned from a young age. Young people are active and they move about a lot, which is why they also experience many accidents. According to the Finnish Road Safety Council, every third person injured in traffic is a young person.

“Testing personal boundaries is a part of youth, and young people don’t always think of safety. First aid skills improve readiness to act in emergencies, and through these skills, you can also learn to predict danger,” says Mirja Sjöberg, head of Finnish Red Cross first aid training. 

This is why the Red Cross proposes that all pupils in Finnish comprehensive schools, as well as learner drivers, receive first aid training. At the moment, young people do not have equal opportunities to receive the vital first aid training.

“If a person hasn’t received first aid training in the health education classes in comprehensive school, it’s very likely that the next time they encounter this sort of training will only be when they enter working life. First aid training is given during military training and in some institutions of upper secondary education, but there are many education institutions where first aid skills are not taught,” says Sjöberg.

Volunteers exhibit first aid skills during the Red Cross Week

During the Red Cross Week between 4 and 10 May, the Red Cross volunteers exhibit first aid skills in the events organised throughout Finland. During the week, first aid skill tests are organised in Prisma stores throughout the country, for example.

The volunteer Red Cross first aid groups exhibit the first aid kit and hand out the ‘Arki kunnossa?’ checklist that you can use to check your own first aid readiness and that of your family. See the event closest to you at the events’ campaign page

The Red Cross Week is celebrated globally to honour the birth of Henry Dunant (8 May 1828), the founder of the organisation.

The campaign for Nepal continues

During the Red Cross Week, the Red Cross continues to collect funds for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The campaign has had a good start in different parts of Finland. The Nepali living in Finland have also participated in the campaign extensively by collecting funds in the street throughout Finland. The Finnish Red Cross has also sent aid workers and supplies to Nepal.

Join us in the aid work or support the first aid activities. Every year, the first aid volunteers of the Finnish Red Cross help 20,000 people, and they work at nearly 3,000 events throughout Finland.