The Finnish Red Cross sends winter clothes to Ukraine

Tatu Blomqvist
Tatu Blomqvist
Tatu Blomqvist
Tatu Blomqvist
Tatu Blomqvist
Tatu Blomqvist
The aid work so far
  • Since October, the Red Cross has distributed a total of over 2,000 tons of supplies to Ukraine.
  • The Finnish Red Cross sent two truckloads of winter clothes to Ukraine in the autumn.
You can support the aid work by donating to the disaster relief fund
  • By texting the word “SPR” to the number 16499 (€15 per text message)
  • By donating online
  • To the bank account: Nordea FI06 2219 1800 0680 00
  • By telephone: Call 0600-122 20 (€20.28 + local network charge)

On 26 February, a truckload of aid supplies left for Ukraine from the Red Cross logistics centre in Tampere. The Ukrainians have a shortage of food and warms clothes as the conflict persists.

The truck was loaded with 342 bales of winter clothes, six platforms of women’s winter shoes, and nine platforms of candles. The amount of aid supplies totals 20,000 kilograms and they are estimated to arrive to Central Ukraine, to the city of Poltava, in the middle of the coming week. The Ukrainian Red Cross is responsible for delivering the supplies to the villages and cities.

The winter clothes have been received as donations to the Kontti second hand department stores, for example. The S Group donated the winter shoes and Marmorikynttilä Oy donated the candles delivered with the load. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland participates in the logistics costs of the transport.

Despite the dangerous conditions, the International Committee of the Red Cross has distributed supplies in the areas where many Ukrainians have fled to. Getting help to people is very difficult in the areas where battles are fought constantly.

“People are in desperate need of security, food, water, medicine, shelter, and electricity. Sometimes reaching the locals is impossible because the areas are too dangerous to move in. People hide in the basements for several days, and they risk getting injured or killed when they leave to get the aid supplies,” says Michel Masson, leader of the aid operation in Ukraine.

Food aid and supplies for hospitals

The International Red Cross has delivered bandaging and other medical supplies to five hospitals in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The Kalinin hospital in the Donetsk region has been supplied with X-ray and dialysis equipment and other supplies.

Last weekend, the International Red Cross delivered food and other aid supplies to approximately 5,000 people in the city of Debaltseve.

The Red Cross has delivered food and supplies to 40 villages and towns in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. Approximately 30,000 people have received bread, flour and cereal, oil, candles, canisters, and hygiene supplies. In addition, 5,000 prisoners have received emergency aid.