Ilpo Kiiskinen is the new Director of Communications of the Finnish Red Cross

Mikko Kuivalainen
Ilpo Kiiskinen starts as the Director of Communication of the Finnish Red Cross in February.
Image: Mikko Kuivalainen

The Board of the Finnish Red Cross has chosen a new Director of Communications to succeed the retiring Hannu-Pekka Laiho.

The new Director of Communications is MA Ilpo Kiiskinen (38). Kiiskinen transfers to the Red Cross from the office of Amnesty International in Finland where he has worked as a Communications Manager.

Kiiskinen has worked in organisational communication for over ten years. In addition to Amnesty International, he has worked in the United Nations Development Programme in Sambia.

Kiiskinen is the successor of Hannu-Pekka Laiho, who retires at the end of February. Kiiskinen starts in his new position in the beginning of February.