Humanitarian award for makers of music video

Sami Kero
Sami Kero
Sami Kero
Sami Kero
Sami Kero
Ossi Kajo

The group Kansalaiset feat Medborgare behind the music video Olen suomalainen (I am a Finn) have been awarded this year’s Humanitarian Gesture Award.

The people in the video

Fatou-Maaria Niang, Umut Kiukas, Atila Pekerman, Aida Zakik, Omaia Zakik, Sainu Zakik, Andrei Art, Lydia Roos, Elena Roos, Lucas Roos, Hinni Vo, Eero Pomell, Karen Pomell, Oskari Pomell, Bengt Ahlfors, Johann Dowe, Neva De Vizcaya, Burhan Hamdon, Said Hamdon, Yonca Kurtoglu Ermutlu, Abdirahim ”Husu” Hussein, Cemile Nisametdin, Henry Friman, Mikhail Siimes, David Dunfei He, Wille “Wilson” Mäkelä, Habiba Ali, Adam Ahmed, Mumina Ahmed, Anas Ahmed, Makka Ahmed, Maryam Ahmed, Anwar Ahmed, Amiin Ahmed, Nasima Razmyar, Saga Kiiskinen, Arno Enzerink, Jaime De Vizcaya, Kaija Rappu, Vappu Nalbantoglu, Julieth Leinola, Neo De Vizcaya, Gabriel Sidibeh, Seija Pirhonen, Heikki Pirhonen, Kevin Gore, Dae Jin Hwang, Fatima Usman, Hossni Boudali, Alexi Friman, Anthon Friman, Olavi Friman, Mirikli Lindgren, Nadja Bollström, Minna Nalbantoglu, Ilmari Nalbantoglu ja Sade Kiiskinen.

The Board of the Finnish Red Cross feels the Olen suomalainen music video brings a new and positive approach to being Finnish. Finland in 2014 is a pluralistic society and a welcoming home to all its citizens. The music video has been made to high professional standards and makes the viewer and listener think not only about diversity but also about their own relationship to being Finnish.

The producer of the music video is journalistPekka Mykkänen. The new adaptation of a classic song was made by Totte Rautiainen. The video was created by director Petri Krook and photographers Ossi Kajas and Stan Kero, all of whom worked for free. Aerial shots were by Teppo Moisio and Mika Ranta. In all, nearly 50 volunteers took part in making the music video.

Finnish artists from different countries

In the video the song is performed by 12 people, each of them a Finnish citizen who has roots elsewhere in the world.

Among the performers in the new adaptation of the song are Milagros Samanamud, the Peruvian-born opera singer; Sade Kiiskinen, who came to Finland from her native India through adoption; and Cemile Nisametdin, who has made a number of hit songs in Tatarstan but currently lives in Järvenpää, Finland. The other singers are Hossni Boudali, Neva De Vizcaya, Yonca Kurtoglu Ermutlu, Henry Friman, Burhan Hamdon, David Dunfei He, Abdirahim ‘Husu’ Hussein, Julieth Leinola and Fatou-Maaria Niang.

The music video released early in 2014 is an adaptation of an Italian song made famous in Finland by crooner Kari Tapio. The original L’Italiano was composed by Toto Cutugno, with lyrics by Cristiano Minellono. The crew received permission to create the new non-commercial version of the song from Cutugno. The composer liked the concept very much and the project sparked off an interested following in the Italian media.

An award with a long history

The Humanitarian Gesture Award (Inhimmillinen kädenojennus in Finnish) is given annually to a person or community in recognition of their work in support of the Finnish Red Cross or in promoting humanitarian values. The award was established in 1989. Last year the award went to journalist Rauli Virtanen, and two years ago it was given to the Global Clinic for treating undocumented foreign patients.

The recipient is given a medal designed by artist Laila Pullinen in honour of Kai J. Warras, Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross between 1956 and 1985.