An app about causes and consequences

App demonstrations held at the World Village Festival in Helsinki over the weekend.

The Finnish Red Cross is the first NGO in Finland to release an app for tablet devices. The Risk Zones application uses photos, videos, stories and graphics to show how people can minimise risks, prepare for and survive disasters.

The Risk Zones app is intended for anyone who is interested in development aid and disaster relief. It is also an informative teaching aid for use in schools. The app provides fascinating insights into the world of development aid and humanitarian work. The first version of the app considers eight possible risks: earthquake, drought, flood, typhoon, conflict, HIV and AIDS, malaria, and cholera.

Free app in three languages

Risk Zonesis available for free download in Finnish, Swedish and English and is part of the Red Cross campaign To prevent the worst from happening. The campaign highlights the link between sustainabledevelopment and disasters. Unless we can control the impact that disasters have on the lives of vulnerable people, it may become impossible to reduce levels of poverty.

When any risk of disaster is realised, it can quickly escalate. Drought, for instance, can cause people to become refugees or result in conflict. One consequence of flooding is poor hygiene, which can cause an epidemic of communicable diseases and potentially kill thousands of people.

The Finnish Red Cross are demonstrating the tablet app, which is free to download, at the World Village Festival in Helsinki over the weekend of 24–25 May 2014. Photographs of the Red Cross at work will be on display at the Red Cross stand in Railway Square (tent location R511). On the hour and at half past every hour, there will be a screening of a documentary filmed in Malawi:To prevent the worst from happening. You will also be able to practise first aid skills at the FRC stand.

The World Village Festival is to be held atboth Kaisaniemi Park and Railway Square in central Helsinki, open on:
Saturday 24th May, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday 25th May, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Download the app (in Finnish, Swedish or English)