How to help the flood victims both in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina?

Image: IFRC

The Finnish Red Cross has received numerous questions about how best to help the afflicted people in both in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. At the moment, the most efficient way to get help to those in need is via the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The collected funds are used for emergency relief and acquisition of materials for people who have lost their homes.

Choose your preferred channel to help: donate online, via sms or call the donation line … instructions for all on this site.

By text message

Send the text message SPR to the number 16499 (€15)

Through your online bank

Donate online to the Disaster Relief Fund (you'll need your online banking access codes)

By telephone

Call 0600-122 20 (€20.28 + local network charge)
Call 0600-122 10 (€10.01 + local network charge) 

By wire transfer

Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund account FI06 2219 1800 0680 00, NDEAFIHH, please write ‘Balkan floods’in the message area

Set up your own virtual collection box

Set up the virtual collection box and raise funds for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Give your friends, acquaintances and even strangers the opportunity to make a donation.

Via Mobile application (in finnish only)

The mobile application allows in-app donations to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. You can easily make a single donation of €15 on your phone or become a monthly donor by giving €10. The donation will be charged through your telephone bill.
The application is free and you can download it through your smartphone’s app store. Links to the stores:  Android, iTunes, Windows

Sign up as a street fundraiser

You can sign up as a fundraiser yourself and collect donations to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. To sign up, contact your district office who will provide you with a vest and a collections box.