The Finnish Red Cross gives a hand also during summer season

Alejandro Lorenzo
Pirjo Ilkka

Finland quiets down for the summer, but Red Cross volunteers work where vacationers are on the move.

Caritas helps out in Turunmaa archipelago

The service boat Caritas will be on duty from the 19th of June and is located in the Nagu area on Archipelago Sea.  The boat is in immediate preparedness around the clock until the 4th of August. The Caritas crew consists of volunteers on standby. In addition to the skipper, the crew consists of four duty officers, two of which are healthcare professionals, doctors or nurses. The volunteers provide first aid and emergency care in emergency situations and assist in other health problems where possible. Service provided by Caritas is always free of charge.

Volunteers in aid of partygoers

The Red Cross volunteers are on patrol during festivals and other summer events to assist the attendees where needed. The first aid crews take care of small wounds and injuries on the spot and call for professional help in bigger emergencies. The volunteers working within substance abuse treatment walk around talking to partygoers, encouraging them to refrain from occasional drug use and assisting them in finding help for abuse. The HIV and AIDS work volunteers tour the festivals, giving out condoms and discussing sexually transmitted diseases.

Emergency youth shelters on duty

The youth shelters of the Finnish Red Cross are mainly aimed at young persons aged 19 and under and their families, who for one reason or other need help dealing with their life situation. These shelters also offer young people a temporary place to stay for the night, when needed. A young person can seek help at the youth shelter without a referral or an appointment. Service is free of charge for youth and their families.

During the period of 21.6.-28.7., safe house services in the metropolitan area are concentrated to the Helsinki Emergency Youth Center. It is located at Uudenmaankatu 32 A 6 and can be reached by phone on 09 622 4322. The youth center is open every day from 5pm to 10am (17–10). Also Turku Emergency Youth Center is open normally throughout the whole summer from 5pm to 10am. It's possible to call the staff during weekdays from 8am to 4pm (8–16) on 02 2539667. The youth center is located at Yliopistonkatu 24 A 21, 6th floor.

The Emergency Youth Centers in Espoo, Vantaa and Tampere continue their services after the summer break from 29th of July onwards. Prior to this date, a member of staff at the Tampere Emergency Youth Center can be reached on the phone during weekdays, from 9am to 3pm (9–15) on 040 556 6661.