The Finnish Red Cross delivers aid materials to Syria

Sana Tarabishi
The Syrian Red Crescent distributing food packages.
Image: Sana Tarabishi

Syria is in dire need of help. All aid materials are quickly distributed to those in need.

The Finnish Red Cross has sent aid materials to conflict‑stricken Syria. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has granted €500,000 for the relief operations. The Red Cross has used the money to acquire 6,512 kitchen utensil kits and 8,250 20‑litre canisters. The supplies were sent from the Red Cross warehouse in Dubai to Damascus on Thursday.

- Five truckloads of relief supplies will leave for Syria today. Three trucks will be carrying supplies collected by the Finnish Red Cross, and two will be carrying supplies by the International Red Cross, says Red Cross Logistics Coordinator, Ari Mäntyvaara.

The International Red Cross supplies for Syria include a water purification device and household kits that contain blankets, a tarpaulin, rope, a radio and a flashlight.

Mäntyvaara works in the Red Cross logistics centre in Dubai. After this batch, the centre will have sent 31 truckloads of relief supplies to Syria. Syria is in dire need of help. According to Mäntyvaara, this shows at the warehouse.

- We send supplies weekly. Everything goes through the Red Crescent directly to those in need in Syria. Nothing remains in the warehouse. At the moment, the Red Crescent Syria warehouses are nearly empty, says Mäntyvaara.

While people are loading the trucks at the warehouse, the next delivery is already being planned.

- We have ordered 10,000 food packages, 20,000 blankets and 10,000 hygienic kits. These should be ready to go in September, says Mäntyvaara.

Civilians flee Syria

The humanitarian conditions in Syria are acute. Battles continue in Aleppo and the surrounding areas. The number of casualties and wounded rises daily. Thousands of people are fleeing to Turkey and other areas. Some of the civilians remaining in Syria are seeking shelter in schools and other public buildings.

In spite of the critical situation, the Syrian Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross continue to help in Aleppo, Homs, Damascus and Deir Ezzor.