The Hunger Day collection

Jarkko Mikkonen
Image: Jarkko Mikkonen

You are warmly welcome to donate or sign up to be volunteer fundraiser. The Finnish Red Cross collects funds for the Disaster Relief Fund.

Hunger Day is the annual fundraising campaign arranged by the Finnish Red Cross in September and October. During the campaign time, and three-day street fundraising event, donations are collected for the Disaster Relief Fund all over Finland. The funds are not pre-allocated for specific purposes. This means that the Red Cross can make swift relief funding decisions as soon as a disaster occurs.
This year event will be held on September 20.-22.
Read more about the campaign:
Kimmo Holopainen

The Red Cross publishes the “Avun Maailma” member magazine as well as the “Apua” magazine targeted at monthly donors. Our other publications include the annual reports, the organisation’s rules and the legislation and Act guiding the operations of the Red Cross.

Jarkko Mikkonen

The Finnish Red Cross procures aid supplies for both national and international aid operations.

Feel free to contact us with service questions, media inquiries etc. Contact information is listed below.