First Aid Course EA 2® (16 h)


Upon completion of the course, the participant is able to start giving first aid to persons affected by the most common medical conditions and accidents as well as in more challenging situations requiring first aid, and to prevent accidents.


  • Action taken to assist in situations requiring first aid
  • Emergency first aid
    • Basic resuscitation: adult, child and infant
      • also includes early defibrillation of an adult
    • First aid of an unconscious casualty
    • Other emergency first aid situations
  • Relevance of the mechanism of injury to the injury sustained
    • Examining a casualty for first aid
    • Chest, abdominal and pelvis injuries, internal bleeding
    • Spinal and limb injuries
    • Head and facial injuries
  • Observing and monitoring a casualty’s condition
    • First aid positions, protecting a casualty, and moves and transport
  • First aid and prevention
    • of injuries caused by cold
    • of conditions caused by heat

Group-specific special topics (selection)

  • Accumulating first aid and health knowledge
  • Promoting one’s own health and safety
  • Optional topics according to the needs of the target group
  • Basic life support (BLS) course 4 h

A valid EA 1 course certificate is required for participation in the EA 2 course.