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Laura Kotila
Image: Laura Kotila

Today is a good day to join Red Cross movement or become a volunteer. We have activities for everyone and every deed has the same importance.

The Finnish Red Cross membership

Membership of the Finnish Red Cross is an easy and a fluent way to support valuable work done by volunteers and to speak out for humane values and targets.

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Learn more about the different types of activities and sign in.

Juuso Haarala

The Red Cross acts as an intermediary between friend volunteers and those looking for human contact. As a volunteer friend, the only thing you have to do is to give some of your time.

Robert Keskinen

Signing up as a box collector allows you to help victims of disasters in Finland and around the world. Collecting donations is not only important, but also fun and easy volunteer work.

Eero Pykäläinen

The Red Cross is prepared to be ready to help immediately when something happens. This is called emergency preparedness.
The Finnish Red Cross maintains first aid and other emergency preparedness groups all over the country. Anyone can join the groups, and there are several forms of activity to choose from.

Kaisa Rautiainen

Volunteers are the driving force behind the Red Cross. By volunteering at a Kontti store you can become an important link in the help chain provided by the Red Cross.

Ari Räsänen

The multicultural activities of the Red Cross bring all kinds of people together. As a volunteer you can promote tolerance and help build a pluralistic society.

Maija Pokkinen

Are you interested in activities with family carers? Would you like to learn new things, make use of your special skills and create a happy atmosphere?

Pentti Vänskä

If you are a health care professional and would like use your skills during your free time to the benefit and enjoyment of others, we welcome you to join Healthpoint volunteers.

Laura Kotila

The volunteers of the Red Cross Drug and Alcohol Programme visit schools and festivals or patrol the streets sharing information on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. If you are sociable, like young people and enjoy talking with them, you could be a perfect candidate for becoming a volunteer drug worker. Come take part in the next FRC drug and alcohol course!

Beni Köhler

HIV and sexual health work volunteers share information about health-related issues at schools and festivals, for instance. In addition, they work for the Red Cross health care chat. If you are interested in health and willing to help others, we warmly welcome you to an HIV and sexual health work volunteer course.

Jari Härkönen

Each day, ill and injured people need donated blood. A single bag of blood helps several patients, so a donor can help many people in one go.


Blood stem cell transplants are used in the treatment of diseases like leukaemia. In many cases, a stem cell transplant is the patient’s last hope when nothing else has worked.

Red Cross aid workers work around the world and deliver aid to where it is needed the most. We are constantly complementing our personnel reserve with professionals from different fields, especially doctors and nurses, logistics and disaster preparedness experts, financial management, IT, communications and development cooperation professionals.

Sami Sillanpää

We offer various activities for young people. You can find a permanent and regular hobby or assist every now and then.