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Blood stem cell transplants are used in the treatment of diseases like leukaemia. In many cases, a stem cell transplant is the patient’s last hope when nothing else has worked.

For one quarter of patients in need of a stem cell transplant, a suitable donor is found from among the patient’s immediate family. However, for many patients, no donor with a suitable tissue type can be found in the patient’s immediate family, whereby the international registry is searched for a suitable individual.
The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service maintains the Finnish Stem Cell Registry, which contains information on volunteers who have committed to donating blood stem cells to patients in need of such cells.

Donating stem cells

Stem cells can be collected in two different ways: from the blood or from the bone marrow. It is the patient's condition that primarily decides the collection method. Most stem cells are collected from the blood stream.
No fee is paid for donation of blood stem cells. All direct costs due to the donation, such as housing and travel costs and loss of earnings, are reimbursed. The donor will be on sick leave for approximately a week.
Most Stem Cell Registry members will never be invited to donate, but each member gives someone a chance at life. The more members the registry has, the more patients have a chance to recover. Around 30 Finnish people donate blood stem cells each year.

Voluntary readiness to help

Members of the Registry commit to helping any patient in need, whether child or adult, Finnish or foreign. Registry members cannot choose the recipients of their donations, since the choice of donor is primarily dictated by factors of tissue compatibility. 
Those who wish to join the Stem Cell Registry should be aged between 18 and 40 and in good basic health. 
The joining criteria and possible health examination later on aim to verify that the donation will not harm the donor or the patient.
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