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The Red Cross delegates work around the world and deliver aid to where it is needed most. We are constantly complementing our ranks with professionals from different fields.

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The Finnish Red Cross is the leading humanitarian aid provider in Finland. During the last years we have also become one of the biggest development cooperation organizations. Read more about our work around the world!

Delegates work both in disaster areas and in long-term development co-operation projects.

The work is demanding but also rewarding. A delegate is a first-hand witness to people’s distress but also one of the first persons to help them.

We are looking for doctors, nurses, engineers, technicians, IT and telecom experts

Delegates are selected from our personnel reserve. You can join our reserves once you have passed a week long basic training course organised by the Finnish Red Cross. The course language is English.

If you are a professional with good language skills who is persistent, flexible and used to working even in harsh conditions, you could be a successful candidate for a delegate’s position. Our personnel reserve features people from various professions: our team includes health care professionals, financial management experts, IT specialists and logisticians, among others.

In principle, when you are included in our personnel reserve, you can receive a mission proposal at any moment to work anywhere in the world. If an agreement is reached, the work can begin.

Information about the next course and the application form can be found here.

Prerequisites for applicants

  • You are 25-65 years of age.
  • You have an education and a minimum of three years of work experience relevant to the task.
  • You are fluent in English (both written and spoken), further language skills (for example French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish) are considered a great advantage.
  • You adjust easily to working in multicultural and unpredictable environments.
  • You have an understanding of what working with a civil society organization is about. Volunteer experience, especially within the Red Cross / Red Crescent, is appreciated.
  • An academic degree is an advantage in most tasks.
  • Relevant international experience and experience in conducting and facilitating trainings are appreciated.

Youth delegates get an opportunity to learn more about aid work

If you are aged 18 to 28 you can apply to the youth delegate course. Youth delegates play an important role in Finnish Red Cross domestic activities. Youth delegates have the opportunity to learn more about international aid work, lead camp groups heading abroad and participate in international study visits.

However, we cannot guarantee an assignment or even a shorter visit abroad for all those who have completed the course.

More information about the next youth delegate course.