Join as a box collector

Robert Keskinen
Image: Robert Keskinen

Signing up as a box collector allows you to help victims of disasters in Finland and around the world. Collecting donations is not only important, but also fun and easy volunteer work.

Box collectors collect donations during emergency collections and campaigns. The funds collected by box collectors allow the Red Cross to help those in need quickly and efficiently.

Emergency collections are initiated in response to major disasters in Finland and around the world. Often these disaster situations are caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. In addition to emergency collections, funds are collected during campaigns, the most important of which is the annual Hunger Day collection organised in the autumn.

By signing up to our box collector reserve, you'll receive invitations to help with emergency collections and the Hunger Day campaign. Signing up as a box collector does not oblige you to do anything; you can always choose whether or not to participate based on your current situation. 

Sign up to the volunteer collector reserve using this form.