Join blood donors

Jari Härkönen
Image: Jari Härkönen

Each day, ill and injured people need donated blood. A single bag of blood helps several patients, so a donor can help many people in one go.

At hospitals, donated blood is given to patients undergoing an operation and to accident victims. Haemophilia and anaemia patients need donated blood as well.

Blood can be processed into special tailor-made products according to hospitals’ orders. These special products are needed by small children, patients with low immunity, premature babies or patients who have received cytostatic treatment, for instance. Donated blood can save a patient’s life.

Blood from all blood groups is needed constantly. The Blood Service’s Blood Barometer shows you the current blood supply at hospitals.

Where can I donate blood?

You can donate blood at any donor centre or in donor sessions arranged by mobile blood collection units.
Mobile blood collection units circulate around Finland and arrange donor sessions at workplaces, military garrisons and educational units, for instance. See the mobile blood collection units’ schedule for sessions near you.

Am I a suitable donor?

Blood donation must not compromise the donor’s health. Consequently, not everyone can become a donor. However, most of the Finns can donate blood.