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The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid.

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Kristiina Hemminki

This holiday season, donations made to the Good Holiday Spirit collection have brought food to the tables of a total of 28,000 low-income families with children. A survey targeted at the social and health care professionals who decide on the recipients of the vouchers shows that food shortage is not just a holiday period problem for low-income families, but an everyday one.

Jenna Lehtonen

It was a late January evening or night in 2016 when my father took me to the youth shelter in Helsinki.

Olav A. Saltbones / Norwegian Red Cross

The year 2019 was full of aid work and humane deeds both at home and abroad. The following images are excerpts of what we have achieved together. Huge thanks to all volunteers, employees, supporters, partners and friends of the Red Cross!

Susan Cullinan / Australian Red Cross

The people of southeastern Australia have been plagued by wildfires in recent months.


The humanitarian situation in north and northeast Syria is extremely serious and worsening by the day as a result of the military actions taken by Turkey. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent provide the people suffering from the conflict with emergency aid and promote the availability of clean water and health care services.


The European Union has granted five million euros in financial aid to the Finnish Red Cross for aid work carried out in Zimbabwe. Thanks to this financial aid, a total of 76,500 people suffering from food insecurity will be provided with cash donations for buying food.

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Resilience Project in Finland

”Pärjätään Yhdessä” project builds up recilience of local communities in Finland. Goal is to build up networks for local level NGO’s and municipality governmental actors to build up resilience of local communities. These networks organize...

Classes and events

20. - 27.1.2020
Keskuskatu 32, 38700, Kankaanpää
Maariankatu 2, 21100, Naantali
Kaskenkatu 13 A, 20700, Turku
Kaskisgatan 13 A, vån 3, 20700, Åbo

First-aid courses

20.1.2020 to 21.1.2020
Vanhantullinkatu 4, 3.krs, 90100, Oulu
Vapaudenkatu 8 A 4 (2.krs), 15110, Lahti
Rautatienpuistokatu 7, 28130, Pori
22. - 23.1.2020
Kouvolankatu 5-7, 45100, Kouvola
22. - 23.1.2020
Hietaniemenkatu 7 B, 5.krs, 00100, Helsinki