Hunger Day for companies

Photo: Ville Palonen / Suomen Punainen Risti
Photo: Ville Palonen / Suomen Punainen Risti

Hunger Day for companies

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The needs in Myanmar are growing. Donate to emergency aid.

Political tensions, resulting in violence and civil unrest in Myanmar, have led to growing hardship for millions across the country. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating fast. Read more and donate.

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Companies can do great good by participating in the Hunger Day collection. Participating in the box collection can lift team spirit, and donating in the collection supports aid in Finland and around the world. ​

The Hunger Day collection raises uncommitted funds for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The Disaster Relief Fund can provide help quickly where the need for aid is the greatest.

The Finnish Red Cross can deliver help efficiently and reliably where it is needed thanks to the chain of helpers made up of Finnish volunteers and an international network permanently present in almost all countries of the world. Companies participating in the Hunger Day collection are a link in this unique chain of aid.

This is how a company can participate

By donating to the Hunger Day collection, you enable us to provide aid for those who need it the most.

You can order an invoice for a desired donation sum using the form at the top of the page.

Box collection is volunteering made easy and effective.

Your staff can participate in box collection in pairs or small groups. The collection groups can sign up using an online form published on this page closer to the collection date. The volunteer collectors will be contacted and receive closer instructions later.​

You can also order collection boxes to your company premises from the Red Cross district office. You should also highlight the Hunger Day message in internal communications to ensure the participation of all interested parties!​

You can set up an online fundraiser on behalf of your company allowing your staff, interest groups and customers to participate in Hunger Day.

The online collection box can be open for donations during September and October. You can highlight your digital fundraiser in social media and on your internal communication channels and website. ​

The fundraiser is easy and quick to set up. Links to the fundraisers will be published on this page closer to the collection date in the autumn.

The material package provides tips on sharing the Hunger Day social media content.

We can also provide you with banners that show you are contributing to the campaign. Please contact us: yritykset(a) The banners are linked to

Hunger Day playlists on YouTube:

Useful links for communications:

Sum donated by Kela employees in 2020

Information about the Hunger Day collection

The Hunger Day collection raises uncommitted funds for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The funds are not committed in advance to any specific target. Therefore, the funds can be spent quickly where the need for aid is the greatest.

Right now, there are more than 45 million people suffering from a severe food shortage in Southern Africa, for example. Funds collected on Hunger Day can be used to supply emergency aid to the area. Cash grants and food aid can help people make it through the worst. Without food there is no safety, no hope, no future.

In Finland, the Hunger Day donations e.g. aid victims of fires and maintain preparedness for providing aid under exceptional circumstances.

At least 80 cents from each euro donated to the Disaster Relief Fund are directed towards an aid operation. According to the rules of the Disaster Relief Fund, the collection expenses must not exceed 20 per cent.

These expenses are made up of acquiring collection equipment, such as collection boxes and vests, as well as collection safety and communications. The rules of the Disaster Relief Fund and the strict control regulate the use of the donated funds.

Around the world:

  • €1.2: soap for a family living in a refugee camp to prevent coronavirus infections
  • €3.8: three days’ worth of food for a family suffering from food shortage
  • €5: a fruit tree for a family suffering from food shortage to ensure an independent source of food
  • €35: a drought-resistant garden for a family to ensure an independent source of food.

In Finland:

  • €1: a face mask for a volunteer
  • €50: training in psychosocial support for a volunteer
  • €160: clothes for a fire victim.

Donate or participate as a digital fundraiser or box collector. The Hunger Day box collection hits the streets of Finland on 23–25 September 2021. Donations are collected online during September and October.

Donation methods

  • Donate online using the online form
  • Donate €15 – Text the word SPR to the number 16499
  • Use MobilePay to transfer the desired sum to the number 10900
  • Make a bank transfer to the account FI52 5000 0120 4156 73, reference number 5173
  • Donate to the Hunger Day Facebook fundraiser
  • Donate to the joint Hunger Day online collection
  • Donate €5 – Text the word SPR5 to the number 16499
  • Donate €10 – Text the word SPR10 to the number 16499
  • Donate €20 – Call 0600-122 20 (€20.28 + local network charge)
  • Use Pivo to transfer the desired sum to the number 888500
  • Donate at the store checkout at Tokmanni

Yes. For example, people who have lost their homes in fires need help with necessary purchases, starting with a toothbrush. The Red Cross also provides psychosocial support for accident victims and their families.

The coronavirus crisis has emphasised the importance of being prepared. The Hunger Day donations allow us to maintain our preparedness for operating under exceptional circumstances.

The Disaster Relief Fund is also used to support the preparedness of the Voluntary Rescue Service. These volunteers support the authorities e.g. in finding missing persons and during major accidents.

Hunger Day is a Finnish Red Cross collection organised in September each year. Hunger Day was born when the volunteer Mailis Korhonen from Pälkäne had an idea for the ”fundraising campaign for everyone in Pälkäne” in 1980.
The event quickly spread throughout the country and is currently organised in nearly every Finnish municipality.

The first Hunger Day collection was organised to help the victims of famine in East Africa, hence the name Hunger Day. Back then, people were encouraged to eat lightly on Hunger Day and donate the saved funds to the collection.
Today, you can spend Hunger Day as you wish – not even feasting is forbidden. The idea of Hunger Day is that everyone should have food and those in need should receive aid.