Youth Emergency Shelters in Finland

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Niklas Meltio

With your support, young people in a difficult situation can talk to an adult who listens to them, and also get a roof over their head. Right now Red Cross volunteers serve in the Sekasin chat service and answer questions by concerned young people.

Youth emergency shelters in Finland have helped thousands of young people who have got into difficulties.

Emergency shelters provide young people with support in building their future, the chance to talk to someone alone or together with their parents as well as overnight accommodation when needed.

Other ways to donate:

  • Send the text message SPRLAHJA to the number 16499 (€15)
  • donate via MobilePay to number 32232
  • call 0600 15590 (€10.01 + local network charge)
  • bank account OP FI29 5000 0120 4156 99, OKOYFIHH, ref. 5351

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Please direct your regular donation to Finnish Red Cross either to the Disaster Relief Fund or to volunteer activities in Finland, or 50/50 to both. 

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