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A donation to the Red Cross is a good way for companies to show their social responsibility.

Making a donation for a specific cause is easy

Your company can support the activities of Red Cross both in Finland as well as abroad. 

  • An online donation is an easy way to help anytime. Donate online

Making a donation for a specific cause via bank transfer is easy

  • Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund account FI06 2219 1800 0680 00, NDEAFIHH. Please write your donation target in the message area.
  • Donate to the Red Cross domestic aid in Finland, account number FI29 1572 3000 3727 30, NDEAFIHH.  Please write your donation target in the message area.

or please contact us directly:

  • Regina Laurén, regina.lauren(a), +358 20 701 2199
  • Eeva Arrajoki, eeva.arrajoki(a), +358 20 701 2274
  • Please choose the most suitable donation cause for your company from the following options:

Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Funds donated to the Disaster Relief Fund will enable the Finnish Red Cross to respond to aid needs quickly and efficiently in Finland and abroad. With funds from the general Disaster Relief Fund, we support long-term development cooperation and the victims of disasters, conflicts or epidemics throughout the world. The funds of the Disaster Relief Fund are also used in Finland to help families that have run into difficult situations due to a sudden accident, for example. The funds are also used to support activities that promote wellbeing.

Mosul and Aleppo

Civilians in Mosul and Aleppo are in desperate need of our help. In Mosul up to 1,5 million people need humanitarian aid. Fleeing from the violent conflict they need water, shelter and food.

In Aleppo at least 250 000 people live under the siege. Especially in eastern Aleppo humanitarian situation is catastrophic and civilians lack the basic needs.

Read more about our activities around the world.

Through the Disaster Relief Fund, you can direct your donation to certain area, country, disaster, conflict or a cause, for example: Syria, HIV work, emergency aid in Finland, preparedness operations or to the Disaster Relief Fund in general.

Causes in Finland

In Finland, the activities of the Finnish Red Cross include training volunteers for friend visitor and first aid activities, maintaining preparedness for disasters and maintaining the Youth Emergency Shelters amongst other things.

The organisation also helps refugees by opening emergency reception centres or emergency accommodation for asylum seekers as required. Red Cross volunteers are important support persons in the reception of asylum seekers and in supporting their integration in the country.

General donations for activities in Finland are directed to operations that require funding the most at a given time.

Read more about our activities in Finland.

Of the activities in Finland, you can direct your donation to Youth Emergency Shelters, friend visitor activities, first aid activities or domestic operations in general.

Donation account numbers for companies

Select the relevant account number from below based on your preferred cause and enter a note on the cause in the message field. If your donation is paid in several instalments, you can request for an individual reference number.

Disaster Relief Fund account numbers Domestic activities account numbers
  • Nordea FI06 2219 1800 0680 00,  NDEAFIHH
  • Danske Bank FI02 8000 1900 2250 05,  PSPBFIHH
  • Helsingin OP Pankki FI14 5780 0710 0116 49,  OKOYFIH   H
  • Aktia FI18 4055 1110 0013 9 7,  HELSFIHH
  • Suupohjan Osuuspankki FI63 4730 4720 0301 89,  HELSFIHH
  • Handelsbanken FI18 3131 3001 1990 25,  HANDFIHH

Please add a note into the message field.

  • NordeaFI29 1572 3000 3727 30  NDEAFIHH
  • Danske Bank FI43 8000 1570 8479 63  DABAFIHH
  • Helsingin OP Pankki FI68 5780 1020 0001 73  OKOYFIHH

Please add a note into the message field.