Data Protection

Data security and the registers

The Finnish Red Cross is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. We value your trust. This page contains our data security principles, the terms and conditions regarding the use of our website and our register statements.

Our data security principles

  • We process personal data of the Red Cross volunteers, members, donors, clients, partners and school contact persons.
  • The personal data is processed in centralised registers at the Red Cross headquarters and between different branches, departments and institutions. The branch offices, departments and institutions may also process data outside of the centralised register. The Red Cross institutions include the Blood Service, the Kontti second hand department stores, the Punainen Risti Ensiapu Oy, the emergency youth shelters and reception centres for asylum seekers.
  • The data we process is divided into data provided by a user, data identified during the use of online services and data derived through analytics.
  • We collect the personal data of those who make a donation to the Red Cross and store it in the donors’ register. The register contains data on donations received via telephone, text message, bank transfer or the internet.
  • We use the personal data in our communication, customer service and service delivery, as well as for authorised marketing and targeted marketing.
  • We collect and process only necessary data and delete any outdated data as soon as possible.
  • Our principle is that personal data is not disclosed to a party outside the organisation. Data may only be disclosed, if necessary, between the Red Cross headquarters, branches, departments and institutions.


The Red Cross website may use cookies, mobile device identifiers and web beacons, among other things, without compromising privacy. Cookies and other similar technologies are used to collect data on how and when the services are used: from which website the user has entered the service, which websites the user has browsed, what content the user has seen and clicked, and what the user’s screen resolution, device OS and OS version are.

Cookies can be used to improve the products and services and display content that the user finds interesting. The most important aspect is to ensure that the services are safe. Our services use cookies, web beacons, local data recording techniques, mobile device identifiers and server logs the most.

An individual user cannot be identified with cookies only, and the service cannot discover things like the user’s name or email address, unless the user has provided these. If the user has logged into a digital service, such as the Oma application, we can combine the data that we have observed about the user with data that the user has provided themselves and which identifies them.

Terms of use

We recommend that you read the following terms of use before using our website. The website of the Red Cross and its institutions requires that the user agrees with its terms of use. The website’s content, such as text, graphics, names, images, graphs, drawings, logos, icons, sound recordings and software, belongs to the Red Cross. All rights to this material are reserved. Copying, transferring, altering, saving, publishing and distributing the material is prohibited without written permission from the Red Cross. Viewing the website on a computer or a similar device and taking printouts for personal use is allowed. The use of documents intended to be public in public communication is allowed, but the source of the information must always be mentioned. 

The website’s content is released for use as it is and the Red Cross is not responsible for its accuracy, completeness or reliability.

The material cannot be considered an offer or commitment legally binding the Red Cross. The Red Cross reserves the right to make alterations to the material and the website’s terms of use, the access to it or to the site’s other features and does not guarantee that the website will be accessible without errors or interruptions.

The Red Cross will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect costs, losses or damage, including but not limited to loss of turnover, returns or profit, discontinued operations or loss of data resulting from the use or interruption to the use of the website or its material. Furthermore, the Red Cross will not be responsible for any interruptions or errors in the information system or telecommunications, or for losses or damage caused by malicious software. The Red Cross is not responsible for a third party’s website or material that the Red Cross website has a link or a reference to.

Register statements

The register and data security statements explain how the clients’ personal data is utilised and collected. The statement has been created in order to protect the clients and to ensure the transparency of the processing, and it is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data security statement – Volunteers

Data security statement – Members

Data security statement – Donors

Data security statement - Monthly donors

Data security statement – Marketing register

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Updated on 13 February 2018