Baltprep – Baltic Sea region preparedness and response capacity

Joonas Brandt / Finnish Red Cross
Image: Joonas Brandt / Finnish Red Cross


The objective of the BALTPREP project is to enhance regional preparedness and response capacities in the Baltic Sea region to enable more effective and timely response to major accidents and disasters in the region.

The Baltic Sea region covers a significant area of northern Europe representing nearly a fifth of the EU population. Over the past few years, issues of preparedness have emerged strongly in the region.

BALTPREP project improves and optimises the quality and interoperability of the Red Cross regional response capacity for major accidents and strengthens the collaboration between Red Cross National Societies and civil protection authorities within the Baltic Sea Region. The project strengthens collaboration and regional preparedness in and between seven EU member states: Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

By the end of the project, capacities and interoperability in Psychosocial Support (PSS) in emergencies are increased, co-operation between civil protection and humanitarian aid actors are enhanced and trans-border and macro regional co-operation are improved.

The participating countries will benefit from a better understanding of existing response capacities and assets around the region, more trained staff and volunteers, and a solid sub-regional framework for preparedness by established working group and preparedness planning.

The regional response capacities are tested in a table-top exercise to capture findings and lessons learnt for further regional development.

The region benefits from improved coordination, quality and interoperability of existing response capacities and more efficient and standardized assistance in case of an emergency.

The participating Red Cross National Societies are Finnish Red Cross (RC), Estonian RC, Latvian RC, Lithuanian RC, Polish RC, German RC, and Danish RC. In addition, Swedish and Russian Red Cross Societies participate in project activities.

The BALTPREP project is funded by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

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Anni Koponen / Finnish Red Cross

The rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in recent history. It is not only a public health crisis but also a humanitarian crisis that will impact the lives, health and livelihoods of people around the world. In the Baltic Sea region, Red Cross National Societies support national authorities in preparing and responding to the pandemic.

Aino Salmi / Finnish Red Cross.

The BALTPREP project has been granted flagship status by the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The decision was made on February, 5 by the National Coordinators of the EU Strategy for EUSBSR. Projects and processes named Flagships of the EUSBSR demonstrate especially well the progress of this EU Strategy.

Altogether 22 participants from eight National Societies attended the RDRT training in August to learn about disaster response in the Baltic Sea region.

Benjamin Suomela / Finnish Red Cross
Within the umbrella of the BALTPREP project, the first meeting of a newly established Baltic Sea Region Disaster Management Technical Working Group took place in Helsinki on 7 June, 2019.
The forum is meant for peer learning, exchange of knowledge and support as well as to ensure cooperation of the Baltic Sea region National Societies in the field of disaster management.
Finnish Red Cross

BALTPREP welcomed ideas from key stakeholders in the kick-off event held in Helsinki.