Well-prepared National Societies

Well-prepared National Societies (WPNS) is a self-assessment tool for disaster preparedness planning, helping national organisations to identify, prioritise and implement an action plan in order to improve their level of preparedness.

WPNS can also be used for developing indicators needed for follow-up. The goal is to improve the preparedness of the national organisations against natural disasters and conflicts.

The well-prepared national societies tool:

  • helps national organisations to assess their abilities, identify their strengths and weaknesses and prioritise operations in order to improve their disaster preparedness
  • supports the specification of benchmarks and indicators required for monitoring  
  • helps to identify the most relevant areas in which support for disaster preparedness is needed
  • helps to identify the special skills and resources of the national organisation and its departments that can be utilised in the entire organisation  
  • helps to identify long- and short-term trends in disaster preparedness
  • promotes cooperation with other national organisations and sponsors.