Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment

The Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) is an essential part of Red Cross operations. This assessment is not only used in regions prone to natural disasters, but also for surveying health risks and abilities to cope.

VCA is used in determining risks and planning actions in order to prevent dangers resulting from the risks. Members of the community lead the planning process. Red Cross volunteers and trainer (facilitators) support, train and assist in the implementation according to the most relevant needs. Community-level operations are linked to plans at a municipal, provincial and national level. The target is a disaster preparedness system covering the entire country.

VCA goals:

  • to evaluate the risks threatening the community as well as the capabilities the community has for coping with the threats
  • to bring all parties to the same table and thereby promote cooperation between inhabitants, authorities and other actors
  • to prepare an implementation plan to improve disaster preparedness
  • specify actions that reduce or, at best, even prevent damage caused by natural phenomena.